Construction of Hoarafushi Airport passenger terminal has started

Photo: Google

HA.Hoarafushi, Maldives- Implementation of the project for constructing the passenger terminal and fire building of HA.Hoarafushi Airport has begun.

This project was assigned to MTCC on August 27th from the transport Ministry.

MTCC has stated that the implementation of this project started on the 21st of this month. This project is expected to be completed within 80 days

Transport Ministry has stated that this project is worth MVR.16,131,042.02 and that the capacity of this terminal is a 100 people. Development of the HA.Hoarafushi Airport is also being carried out by MTCC.

Development of Hoarafushi Airport includes a 1.2km runway, 86×35m² apron and a taxi way. In addition to this service roads, 9473m² parking area and a 1718m² fire access road.

A fence will be built along 720m to separate this area from the airport.

As a part of the Hoarafushi Airport development project, an area of 842,200m³ had been dried in August 2019.