Gaafu Alif Atoll and Fuvahmulah to share the region’s resources

Councils of Gaafu Alif Atoll and Fuvahmulah signed an agreement on sharing the region’s collective resources | Photo: Gaafu Alif Atoll Council

Malé, Maldives — Gaafu Alif Atoll and Fuvahmulah has signed an agreement to share the region’s collective resources amongst the islands of both atolls.

The agreement was signed at a ‘Sister Island Conference’ held at Gaafu Alif Atoll’s Gemanafushi, where Gaafu Atoll’s island council presidents as well as Fuvahmulah City’s Mayor Mohamed Falah Shareef signed the agreement on Saturday.

According to the Director General of Fuvahmulah City Council, Ahmed Nijaah, all the island councils expect for Nilandhoo Island Council has signed the document. The council of Nilaadhoo Island seeks to hold further negotiations.

He also stated that the discussions of the conference was mainly about eight key points. Some of which include of education, transport, healthcare, tourism and sports.

“Both the atolls are calling for the government to establish air travel between the two atolls”, Nijaah declared.

As the residents living outside of the greater Malé are currently receiving healthcare from the islands surrounding due to travel restrictions imposed relating to Covid-19, Nijaah stated that they had also highlighted the point to increase accessibility for people of Gaafu Alif Atoll to seek treatment in Fuvahmulah during their conference discussions.

“Attempts are underway to arrange prior appointments and establish a feasible transport system”, he said.

Najaah also revealed that the councils will be holding montly meetings in order to monitor the progress of the implementation of the agreement.