ACC informs Finance Ministry to void clause allowing projects to be awarded without bidding

Members of ACC | Photo: President's Office

Male’, Maldives – The Anti Corruption Commission of Maldives has urged the Ministry of Finance and Treasury of Maldives to amend the clause of the procurement regulation, which currently allows government projects to be awarded without a bid process.

In recent times, many projects of the government have been reported to have been awarded with out a bid, as per an amendment brought to the procurement regulation in 2017. However, this clause stipulates that such awarding should only be to companies, organizations and corporative societies in which the government has shares in.

As the ACC’s notice came in on Tuesday, so far it has come to light that the government has awarded many big projects via single source procurement, such as the land reclamation project of Gulheefalhu and the establishment of quarantine facilities with regards to Covid-19.

However, the Finance Ministry is yet to comment on the matter.