Hithadhoo Neighbourhood Fish Processing Plant tendered against regulations: Finance Ministry

Agreement signing for Hithadhoo Geydhoshu Mas plant | Photo: Addu City Council

Addu City, Maldives – Ministry of Finance has ordered the Addu City Council to negate and redo the tender process for the establishment of the Geydhoshu Mas Plant or Neighbourhood Fish Processing Plant in Hithadhoo district.

While City Council first assigned the work to Alnath Maldives in 2020 the work was reassigned to Cbots Pvt Ltd in January 2022 due to delays in the project.

Suvadive Marketing Pvt Ltd who also competed for the bid lodged a complaint at the Anti Corruption Commission and the Ministry of Finance in December 2021 alleging that the Addu City Council had used undue influence in assigning the project.

Following an independent review, the Finance Ministry has declared that the Addu City Council has violated the procurement guidelines set by the Public Financial Regulations (PFR) of the Maldives (Regulation No.: 2017/R-20) and has ordered the council to redo the bid.

The establishment of Geydhoshu Mas Plant (Neighbourhood Fish Processing Plants) in Hithadhoo, Maradhoo and Hulhudhoo of Addu City was launched under the exchange of the Memorandum of Understanding regarding Indian Grant Assistance for Implementation of High Impact Community Development Projects.

The agreement was signed in March 2019 between the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, the Maldives Foreign Ministry and Addu City Council.