80 nominations for journalism awards

From a previous Journalism Award Ceremony | Photo: President's Office

Male’, Maldives – Eighty nominations have been sent in for the Journalism Awards given by Maldives Media Council (MMC).

Nominations for the awards concluded by 13:30 of Thursday, in eleven different genres, which include investigative journalism, community, environment, politics, legal, business as well as sports, feature, photo and video journalism.

According to MMC, 29 nominations have come in from the feature genre, which is the highest number of nominations received this year. The second most number of applications came in from the community genre, which is 11 applications.

In addition, two nominations came in for investigative journalism, while three were submitted for environment, 9 for politics and 4 for legal genre. Apart from this, 6 journalists have been nominated for the business genre and 4 for sports as well as 5 nominations for photo journalism while 2 applications came in for video journalism.

Five journalists have also applied for the award of most aspiring journalist of the country.