USD 1550 quarantine fee to be paid in Malaysia

Photo: Google

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – The government of Malaysia has announced that foreigners coming into the country would now be required to pay USD 1550 as their quarantine expenses.

According to the latest announcement by the country, it is compulsory for those entering Malaysia to spend 14 days in quarantine either in a hotel or a place arranged by the government. This rule is being implemented since 24th July.

Earlier, Malaysian citizens as well as people from other countries were required to pay 2100 Malaysian ringgit out of the total. The remaining 2600 ringgit was paid by the Malaysian government.

However, Defense Minister of Malaysia Ismail Sabree Yaakob has recently revealed that people belonging to other countries now have to pay the full fee of 4700 Malaysian ringgits (USD 1550), with the exception of children below the age of 6.

The Malaysian government will continue to aid with the quarantine fee for Malaysian citizens as before.

Upto the 23rd of this month 33,354 people have come to Malaysia out of which 25,000 have been sent home after completing their quarantine period.