Many scholars will join the opposition party along with Shaheem: Adam Shareef

Photo: Adam Shareed, Twitter

Male’, Maldives – MP of Maduvvari constituency and Vice President of PNC, Adam Shareef has said that many scholars will join the opposition party after former Islamic Minister assumed work as the advisor to the opposition coalition.

Shaheem was appointed as the advisor of the opposition collision yesterday after his return to the country following a long period being away.

Adam Shareef said that even more scholars will join PPM PNC when Shaheem starts his work. In addition to this, he said that the opposition will strengthen their efforts to maintain the Islamic values in Maldives as well as fight against the strict and irreligious thinking.

Shaheem is a member of the PPM council and was the former president Abdullah Yaameen’s running mate at the 2018 election. However, Shaheem left the country after accepting the role of Advisor to the Secretary General of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).