Most democratically run parties are PPM/PNC: Adam Shareef

Adam Shareef, MP of Maduvvari Constituency | Photo: Maldives Parliament

Malé, Maldives – MP of Maduvvari Constituency and Vice President of People’s National Congress (PNC) Adam Shareef said that the most democratically run party is the PPM/PNC coalition.

Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed appealed to the Parliamentary Ethics Committee to review the case of Deputy Defence Minister Hassan Zameel following the decision from MNDF deciding not to allow individual officers to attend the 241 Committee inquiry. The case was dismissed with the vote of several MDP members as well.

The statement from MP Shareef comes while the leading democratic party MDP has been torn into two over dismissal of Deputy Defence Minister Hassan Zameel’s case from the Parliamentary Ethics Committee. MDP has aimed criticism mainly at MP of Alifushi Constituency Mohamed Rasheed (Bigey) with accusations that it is his doing. First Lady Fazna Ahmed spoke in favour of MP Rasheed yesterday.

MP Adam Shareef tweeted in relation to the current conflict ongoing within MDP, saying that the most democratically run political party with a firm internal policy is the opposition coalition PPM/PNC. He said that the hope of the citizens is for Former President Abdullah Yameen Abdul Gayyoom to come back into power in 2023 and establish a free and independent administration in Maldives.

Although the conflict within MDP is internal, it has become quite public with MDP members attacking each other on social media. President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih said at a recent press conference that now is not the time for political conflict.