Military plane crash in Ukraine kills 25 people

The Antonov An-26 military transport plane crashed near Chuguev in eastern Ukraine on Friday | Photo via NEWS.RU

Chuguev, Ukraine — A military plane has crashed near the eastern city of Chuguev, killing 25 people on Friday.

The country’s general prosecutor’s office which informed of the 25 deaths also stated that there were two survivors from the crash. However, the office mentioned that they are currently in critical condition and are receiving care for the injuries they recieved.

According to the general prosecutor’s office, the crash occurred as the Antonov An-26 aircraft came in to land.

Information recieved from the Ukrainian State Emergency Services reveal that there were only 27 people in the military plane and that they were the crew and cadets from a nearby air force university.

Since 2017, there has been a minimum of 10 crashes involving Antonov An-26 aircraft, according to the Geneva-based Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives. One of the latest crashes occured on 2018 at the Hmeimin Air Base in northwest Syria. The crash occurred during an attempted landing and had killed 39 people.

Manufactured during the years 1969 to 1986, the An-26 is a twin-engine turboprop airplane which was made in Kiev, Ukraine, when the country was part of the former Soviet Union.