Indian cargo vessel docks in Male’

Indian cargo vessel docked in Male' | Photo: Social Media

Male’, Maldives – The cargo vessel which is set to travel between India and Maldives, has docked in Male’ after departing from Kulhudhuffushi.

The cargo boat which arrived in Maldives on last Sunday took off from Cochin, India and harbored in Kulhudhuffushi port after arriving in the country with over 500 tonnes of cargo.

The 3,000 metric tonne capacity vessel is set to make two to three trips between the two countries, with the first stop to be made in Kulhudhuffushi and then in Male’.

The agreement between both countries, which was signed when the Prime Minister of India visited Maldives, states that this ferry service would allow inexpensive travel between both countries, as transfer of cargo between both countries, allowing Maldivian businessmen to penetrate the Indian market.