India-Maldives cargo ferry still in operation: Amru

Managing Director of State Trading Organization (STO), Hussain Amru | Photo: Raajje MV

Male’, Maldives – The Managing Director of State Trading Organization (STO), Hussain Amru has responded to critics who questioned whether the India-Maldives cargo ferry has come to a stop after just one trip.

In response to a specific comment made by former MP Ahmed Nihan, who is also part of the opposition coalition, Amru said that the cargo ferry is currently in the Male’ area unloading goods, and that the next trip from India to the Maldives, after the ferry goes back, would be around November 12th.

Addressing Nihan’s Tweet, Amru also asked Nihan whether he would like to bring any goods.

The India-Maldives cargo ferry made it’s first trip on the 26th of September, where it first docked at the Hdh. Kulhudhuffushi port, located up north of Maldives, and then made its way to the central Maldives, Male’ where it harbored at the port on the 28th. The 3,000 metric tonne cargo ferry is expected to make 2-3 trips between Cochin of India, Kulhudhuffushi and Male’ per month.

The agreement to commence the ferry services between both countries was signed by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, during a trip to the Maldives.

As per the agreement, both countries have stated that this agreement would allow cost effective passenger travel, as well as import and export of goods between both countries.