Dornier flight gifted by India arrives in Maldives

Dornier flight donated by India to Maldives | Photo: MNDF

Male’, Maldives – The Dornier aircraft, which India has been attempting to gift to the Maldives since 2016 has arrived in the country, on Tuesday.

Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) revealed that this aircraft would be operating under the Coast Guard services, to monitor the sea area of the country as well as any illegal fishing activity in the area. It is also set to be used to monitor any transportation of drugs and contraband as well as to assist any vessel or person lost at sea, among other humanitarian assistance such as transportation of patients and equipment.

Since 2009, the government of Maldives, in collaboration with the Indian navy has carried out 54 surveillance operations in protecting the Maldivian sea area.

MNDF stated this aircraft will increase the capacity of the institution in protecting the serving the people of Maldives further.

The aircraft will operate displaying the colours and flags of Maldives, with pilots of MNDF.