Indian Dornier flight to Maldives for joint operation with MNDF

Photo: Social Media

Hanimaadhoo, Maldives – Two Indian Donier flights have arrived to the Maldives, carrying soldiers to carry out a joint operation with Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF)

Media Official of MNDF, Major General Ibrahim Azim revealed that the flight landed at Hanimaadhoo International Airport at 10:25 on Tuesday morning, and that those who arrived from the flight would remain in the Maldives until the 16th of September.

“This is part of an operation series conducted in collaboration with the personnel of MNDF Coast Guard, to monitor the EEZ” Azim said.

While two flights landed in the country, only one flight will be partaking in the operation, Azim stated. He explained that out of the two, one flight is for backup, and would normally leave on the following day. He revealed that in this case, the backup flight would be leaving some time on Tuesday itself.

The joint operation between both countries have been taking place since 2009, to monitor any unusual activity in the EEZ of Maldives.