Addu Council seeks permission to exterminate crows

Addu City, Maldives – With the increasing number of crows in the city, Addu City Council has started on seeking a solution to the issue, which poses a huge threat to the population of White Terns in the city.

Addu Council revealed today that the council has been receiving multiple complaints of crow sightings, which is believed to be after a group of unknown people released the bird species in to the wild of the city. The council further explained that some of the complaints included that of White Terns being attacked or eaten by the crows.

Addu council has since asked for the opinion of the Environment Ministry on how to exterminate crows in Addu. “The Council has asked for approval from Environmental Protection Agency and Fisheries Ministry to get rid of these crows in Addu”, the statement posted by the council read.

Some citizens have expressed their concerns on social media with regards to the matter as well. Recently, a video of a crow attacking a White Tern and eating its flesh has been shared on social media. It has also been reported that these crows are attacking White Tern nests and killing the young ones.