Adhaalath Party denies receiving embezzled funds

Meeting at Adhaalath Party | Photo: Adhaalath Party

Male’, Maldives – Adhaalath Party, in retaliation to the confessional statement of Adeeb, which claimed that all political parties received shared of the embezzled funds of MMPRC, has said that the party did not receive any benefit from the embezzlement.

In the preliminary hearing at the Criminal Court, Adeeb said that all political parties, former presidents, parliament members and leaders of independent commissions received the embezzled money.

Responding to Adeeb’s claims, the party sent out a series of tweets which said that the party wants to reassure the public that the party had to no part in the embezzlement and that it has not profited from any money or property in relation to the grand corruption. It further said that despite being a part of the former administration, Adhaalath Party was among the first to address the illegal activities of former Vice President Adeeb.

The party also called on to authorities to reveal all those who were involved in the corruption without delay. However, til date, no names have been divulged by any authorities.

While former Managing Director of MMPRC, Abdullah Ziyath and former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb were investigated and punished for their deeds during former President Abdullah Yameen Abdul Qayyoom’s administration, the current administration has only charged and punished President Yameen with regards to the case so far.