Adhaalath will dissent, should the government fail to protect Islam: Minister Imran

The Minister of Home Affairs, Imran Abdullah | Photo: Majlis

Male’, Maldives – Home Minister and President of Adhaalath party, Imran Abdulla declared on Wedneseday that his party would not hesitate to separate from the coalition and stand against the incumbent government, if they were to fail in their duty to protecting the country’s religion, policies and freedoms.

Speaking at an evening ceremony held to commemorate the Adhaalath’s 16th anniversary, Minister Imran provided his assurance that the party was set to fully support President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, until or as long as he properly protects the rights of the citizens, the religion and freedom of the country.

The statement was the followed by the following clause;

“Should the president fail to protect these fundamental islamic values, Adhaalath Party would not hesitate, in any manner, to break away from the present coalition agreement and make a public stand against the government. This is our decision.”

Home Minister and President of Adhaalath party, Imran Abdulla

Noting that Adhaalath Party was the third political party to be created in the Maldives, Minister Imran described the political group as having served as an example to the remaining political parties in the country.

From the very beginning, said the party president, Adhaalath made several moves to elevate the superiority and position of Islam across the nation, as well as efforts to protect the policies, freedom and honour of Maldivians.

Minister Imran stated that, over the past 16 years, the party has successfully completed multiple works intended to further strengthen party activities and goals, adding that they remain ready to make any and all changes necessary for the purpose of providing proper services to the citizens, whilst respecting basic human rights, as the country continues to develop and progress in a modern, democratic environment.