Three injured in Dhaandhoo fight

One of the injured individuals from the fight in Dhaandhoo | Photo: MV Exclusive

Dhaandhoo, Maldives – Three have reportedly been injured in a fight that took place in GA. Dhaandhoo, sometime during Thursday night.

While very little detail has been revealed with regards to the matter, Maldives Police Service confirmed that the case was reported at around 23:25 on Thursday night. It was also confirmed that three have been injured in this incident.

However, the extent of the injuries, or why the fight took place have not yet been informed. Police are currently investigating the matter.

In recent times, fights and stabbings have started slowly increasing again, after the country observed several years of calmness, with very few cases of such violence, with the new administration.

Last week, a man was stabbed near Thoiba Mosque of Male’, the capital of Maldives, which saw a 19 year old getting arrested in relation to the incident.