Accident seriously injures 3 year old in GA.Dhaandhoo

GA.Dhaandhoo | Photo: dhuvas

GA.Atoll, Maldives – A dangerous road accident last night has left a toddler with severe injuries in GA.Dhaandhoo/

Reports say that a motorcycle travelling at high speed hit a child who was on the road. The initial impact flung the 3 year old was who then landed hard on the ground causing serious head injuries.

A ward council member from Dhaandhoo has said that the child was sent to GA.Villingili Hospital for further treatment after first aid in Dhaandhoo.

An official from GA.Villingili has told a local news outlet that the child has received serious head trauma, and has broken some bones in the child’s leg. The official added that efforts are underway to send the child to Male’ for further treatment.

A Media Official from Maldives Police Service revealed that the driver of the motorcycle is a 19 year old male without the appropriate license for the category of vehicle he was riding. Police added that the driver also suffered injuries and received treatment in Dhaandhoo, with efforts underway to transport him to GA.Villingili Hospital.