Kulhudhuffushi placed under monitoring again

Maldives Police officers monitoring the movement at Kulhudhuffushi city harbor | Photo: Kulhudhuffushi Online

Kulhudhuffushi City, HDh Atoll – Kulhudhuffushi city has been placed under monitoring again last night from 21:15 onward. In addition to Kulhudhuffushi, Dhihdhoo and Kurinbee of Haa Dhaalu atoll and Shaviyani atoll Funadhoo have also been put under monitoring status.

Health Protection Agency (HPA) informed that the islands have been placed under monitoring and entering and exit to the island has been restricted as a measure to monitor the island for Covis-19.

This time Kulhudhuffushi city has been placed under monitoring status as one officer from the islands police station tested positive for Covid-19 and the status would be placed until HPA announces otherwise. As per the local news website Kulhudhuffushi Online, this officer travelled from Kulhudhuffushi to his island of birth HDh. Kurinbee. He had given his sample while he was in Kulhudhuffushi city but travelled to his island of birth before he got the result of the test.

In addition to this a person who went to the regional hospital of Kulhudhuffushi city also tested positive for Covid-19 according to the hospital manager Ahmed Dhaa-ood. He said that as a standard protocol they test anyone who comes in to the hospital OPD with symptoms and that someone who’s sample was taken at the OPD has tested positive.

Previously the island was put under monitoring after the captain of “Faalhu Boat” tested positive for the virus and the monitoring status was lifted on September 28. According to HPA statistics, there are a total of 7 active cases in Kulhudhuffushi city which are three crewmen of “Faalhu Boat” and four people who were in home quarantine.