Kulhudhuffushi placed under monitoring again!

Aeriel photo of Kulhuduffushi City in Haa Dhaalu Atoll | Photo: Irushad

Haa Dhaalu Atoll, Maldives — Kulhudhuffushi, located in Haa Dhaalu Atoll in the upper north region of Maldives, has been placed under monitering by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) for the fourth time.

On Saturday, HPA informed that the island will be placed under monitoring after four cases of the coronavirus were confirmed which were linked to another positive Covid-19 case in the island. HPA further informed that the island will be under montering until contact tracing and sampling efforts are completed.

The island was first placed under montering on August 30th after an individual from Kulhuduffushi who was sent to Male’ for further medical treatment tested positive for Covid-19. However, after the testing was completed in the island, results showed that the island had no positive cases. Therefore the monitoring status was lifted.

However, on September 25th, the island was again placed under monitering after several crew members of a boat in Kulhudhuffushi tested positive for Covid-19. After contact tracing and sampling, the monitering was then removed on 29th September.

Kulhuduffushi was then placed under monitoring on October 6. This time the city had been placed under monitoring status as one officer from the islands police station tested positive for Covid-19. However, the monitering status was removed from the island not long after it was placed. This was after isolating and testing all the close contacts of the officer who tested positive for the virus. The entire police station was also disinfected along with all police gear used in the facility, as a means to contain the virus.

Maldives has till date confirmed a total of 11,178 cases out of which there are only 1,038 active cases remaining. While 10,097 people have completely recovered from the virus, 36 have passed away. The recovery rate of Maldives is currently at 90%.