President Solih meets with Speaker of Parliament Nasheed

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (M), First Lady Fazna Ahmed (R) and Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed (L) arriving at the parliament | Photo: Nishan Ali

Male’, Maldives – President of the Maldives, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has held a meeting with the Speaker of Parliament, Former President Mohamed Nasheed at the Presidents residence today.

In the tweet posted by President Solih, he said that they both had discussed about Covid-19 and the economy and how important it is for both the government and the parliament can work together to get out of the current situation but did not give out any other specifics of the discussion.

“We both just had a meeting. We discussed about a lot of things. Highlighted the importance of government and parliament to work together to get out of Covid-19 and the economic difficulties. By the grace of Allah we will go forward on the right path together” President Solih tweeted.

Speaker Nasheed later retweeted the presidents tweet quoting that their ship would not sink and that they would bring it to a safe harbor and that they would do well for the people. He also did not give out any details of the meeting and tweeted with bits and parts from one of their campaign slogans.

While the two met today, rumors have surfaced that they both haven’t been on mutual terms a while back, after the Speaker of Parliament, Former President Mohamed Nasheed tried to take a no-confidence vote of one of the most influential ministers in the cabinet, Economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail. President Solih had publicly said that he had full trust and faith in Minister Fayyaz and backed him up.

Speaker Nasheed had said earlier today speaking during the parliament session that he has nothing to do with this administration and is not a part of the current government of Maldives while answering to a question by MP of Maavashu constituency Mohamed Saeed regarding the free trade agreement between China and Maldives. He was asked if his remarks about the agreement today were on behalf of the government or his own opinion and he said that the only connection with him and the government was in his capacity as a member of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

These remarks come after a long period of tension between the government and the parliament and even within Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) itself. Earlier this year the Speaker Nasheed himself and members on his side had criticized the governments actions against Covid-19 and had brought ministers to the parliament to question them extensively. Speaker Nasheed has also made vague remarks on a parliamentary system and some of the members of parliament from MDP have commented on this as well which has lead to the public to debate on this topic.