6 islands to be leased for farming

Local farmer inspecting his plants at a farm in Addu City | Photo: Ali Nishan/ Climate Tracker

 Male’, Maldives – Ministry of Fisheries, Marine resources and Agriculture has announced for bids for six uninhabited islands for agricultural purposes.

The ministry said that this was done inline with the governments Strategic Action Plan (SAP) to fulfill the agricultural policies and that on the first round they decided to lease out six uninhabited islands for a period of 21 years. The ministry said that the purpose of these islands were to increase the foods being produced in the Maldives which would result in lowering the amount of food supplies which need to be imported from other countries, hence increasing the national food security levels.

In addition to this, the ministry said that they also aim to increase the income from poultry farming, livestock farming and by producing plants needed for the country. The ministry had declared a rate of MVR 0.10 per square feet for these islands so that it helps the investors to pay less and increase their revenue. The ministry said that the parties who get these islands need to produce what the ministry tells them on 30% of the land from the leased islands.

The islands being leased are HA. Madulu (16.1 hectares), Sh. Kakaaeriyadhoo (14.6 hectares), Sh. Neyo (20.6 hectares), N. Tholhendhoo (16.8 hectares), Baa. Maaddoo (26.6 hectares) and Gdh. Oinigilla (13.5 hectares).

The ministry said that the bid documents would be available from October 14, 2020 till November 5, 2020 during government working hours of 09:00 to 14:00 in the ministries meeting hall. The price of the bid document is set at MVR 2,000 and those who are interested to buy the bid documents can register by calling the ministry’s mobile number (+960) 7755335 or email to bids@fishagri.gov.mv.