24,000 tourist beds currently operating in Maldives

Tourists arriving to Maldives | photo: edition.mv

Male’, Maldives – The Tourism Ministry of Maldives has revealed that 224 tourist establishments have reopened in Maldives after previously closing due to Covid-19.

In a newsletter released by the Ministry to publicize the latest information about the tourism industry, it was divulged that more than 24,000 beds are currently operating in 224 establishments after Maldives reopened its borders. Out of the 224, 37 establishments reopened immediately after borders opened.

Ministry said that these establishments include resorts, hotels as well as safaris. The report read that the tourism industry of Maldives is slowly returning to a normal state as statistics show that number of tourists arriving to the country is increasing.

The borders reopened in July and 1,752 tourists arrived within that month. 7,628 tourists arrived the following month and 9,538 in September. In addition to this 3,140 tourists arrived within the first five days of October.

With the start of tourism in resorts, preparations to start local tourism have also begun. Tourism Ministry said that guest houses will reopen on the 15th of this month and that the number of tourists visiting Maldives is further expected to increase after this.

Ministry said that guidelines will be established before starting tourism in islands for the safety of the citizens as well as tourists. They further added that these guidelines lines will include all tourists having to undergo a PCR test for Covid-19 72 hrs before arriving to the guesthouse.