Extremist groups flag being used in IndiaOut campaign: Nasheed

Picture of an opposition rally held previously in the capital of Maldives| Photo: Raaje Mv

Male’, Maldives – Speaker of the Parliament of Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed has said that he is concerned about the use of the ISIS flag in IndiaOut campaigns.

These campaigns in the name of “IndiaOut” started after the accusations that there were armed forces of India in Maldives and as to oust them. Black flags with the wordings “IndiaOut” have been seen during the online campaigns seen on Facebook and Twitter.

In the tweet posted earlier this morning by Speaker Nasheed, he mentioned that according to experts, planning on changing the writing of the flag being used in the campaign to the writing of the ISIS flag is a tactic used by such organisations and that Maldivian citizens must beware of this.

Nasheed has previously said that the slogan “IndiaOut” is being called from the cells of the extremist group ISIS active in Maldives and he further said that if PNC or PPM continue with these tactics, they are empowering ISIS to enslave Maldives.

There have been continuous accusations from the opposition that there are military institutes of India being built in different areas of Maldives. In a recent press conference, Chief of Defense Force, Major General Abdullah Shamaal denied these accusations and said that there is no presence of armed foreign military personal in Maldives.