Nasheed to MDP members: Do not to campaign for other party candidates!

Former President and Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed | Photo: Mihaaru

Malé, Maldives – Former President of Maldives and current Speaker of the Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed has told Maldivan Democratic Party (MDP) members not to campaign for any other party candidates in the upcoming local council elections.

Speaking at the MDP’s online campaign event ‘Rahvehi Fathis’, Speaker Nasheed told that he had gotten complaints of MDP members campaigning for someone other side of the party in Dh. Rinbidhoo island and that no one from MDP should campaign for people outside the party.

I urge all MDP members to only campaign for the party candidates

Former President of Maldives and current Speaker of the Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, who also attended the event also added that the party’s full support will be given to only those candidates who are running with the party ticket. He also advised all members to act accordingly and campaign for the party alone.

The local council election is scheduled to be held on the 10th of April. Candidates, especially the oppositions have heavily criticized the authorities for not allowing ease in traveling for campaigns, citing the difficulty in campaigning online.

Speaker Nasheed and President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s comments on the matter comes while people have been criticizing MDP and President Solih for the slow development and also the slow rate of delivering the presidential pledges. Criticism over government’s statement that they need majority in council elections have also been high with MDP leading the government coalition and with their super majority in the parliament.