Tourist arrivals more than 22,000 since border reopening

Tourists arriving to Maldives after borders reopen | Photo: Deccan Herald

Male’, Maldives – According to the Tourism Ministry, more than 20,000 tourists have arrived in the Maldives after the country reopened its borders on the 15th of July.

The country closed its borders on the 27th of March to combat the spread of Covid-19, and while it has been 4 months since Maldives opened its borders, statistics show that 22,007 tourists have visited by October 5. Statistics also show that within the first week of October 3140 tourists have visited Maldives.

The top ten countries with the highest tourist arrival to the Maldives as of now include, United Arab Emirates, Russia, America, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, France, Brazil, Ukraine and Egypt.

According to the guidelines for tourist arrivals, any visitor with symptoms of Covid-19 will be tested. And the visitors will have bear this cost on their own. The symptoms include fever, cough, cold and breathlessness.

While travelling in groups if any one of the visitors is showing symptoms, the whole group would be subject to testing. Random samples will also be taken from the arrivals of which the cost would be borne by the government,

Tourists who undergo testing will have to isolate themselves in a transit facility till results are received. The guidelines also state that all visitors will have to wear masks.