Civil Aviation to meet the management of the flying school

Aircrafts of Addu flying school | Photo:

Addu City, Maldives – Civil Aviation has decided to meet the officials of Asian Academy of Aeronautics (AAA) that runs the flying school located in Addu City.

State Minister of Transport and Aviation Ahmed Zuhair said that Civil Aviation and Transport Ministry will have a meeting with the officials of flying school on Monday. During this meeting, the audit that was recently made by the inspectors from Civil Aviation that inspected the flying school will be discussed. According to Ahmed Zuhair the inspectors from Civil Aviation had also met with the students of the flying school and heard their concerns during their visit.

Zuhair said this while locals are expressing their concern on social media about the flying school after a report from local online news website AdduLive about the issues being faced by students of the school. The students of the school said that they have repeatedly shared their concerns about the school with Civil Aviation and Higher Education Ministry in the past as well. The most recent letter from the students addressing these issues was sent on last Sunday.

“We have repeatedly presented our complaints to the Civil Aviation in the past. All we got was deaf ears. We hope for a proper reply this time”, said a student of the flying school. Furthermore, the students have said the even though their course is to finish within 12 months or 18 months, on an average it is almost 3 years or more by the time they finish their course.