Flying School students to be allowed other options to complete studies

Aircrafts of Addu flying school | Photo:

Addu City, Maldives — The government of Maldives is on a hunt to find opportunities for the students of Addu flying school to study in abroad to help the students solve the multiple issues they are facing in the flying school in Addu City.

Over the past months, several complaints from the students of the Flying School have caught the attention of many people and the government as well. Some of these complaints include of taking excessive school fees from the students, extending the duration of the courses and not conducted required classes on time as well.

To solve the issues that are being faced by the students, the members of the Parliament Committee on National Development And Heritage of Maldives have also recently visited Addu City and met with the students who are studying at the flying school, higher authorities of the flying school, Addu City Council and the members of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) as well.

On Tuesday, the Committee held a meeting in the presence of two Ministers, Higher Education Minister of Maldives, Dr. Ibrahim Hassan and the Transport and Civil Aviation Minister of Maldives, Aishath Nahula to find a solution for the issues faced by the students.

While speaking at the Committee meeting, Minister Hassan informed that several efforts are ongoing to solve the flying school issues. He noted that one of the most important task the Ministry is currently working on is finding opportunities for the students of the flying school to study in abroad as there are no other flying schools in Maldives.

Minister Hassan noted that to do this task, the Ministry needs the information of how far the students have completed the course, and how much duration is remaining in their courses. However, Minister Hassan said that the Ministry is facing difficulties in acquiring these information from the flying school. This is why, the Ministry is working on acquiring these information through the student union of the flying school.

We are currently contacting foreign Civil Aviation Authorities and Flying Schools to find out whether they can give opportunities for the Maldivian flying school students to complete the rest of their courses.

Minister Hassan stated.

Along with this, Minister Hassan informed that the government has also decided to provide ease to the loans that were taken by the flying school students. This is why, Minister Hassan said that the students will now have six months after their course has ended to repay their loans.