“I will find a solution for the Flying School issues”: Higher Education Minister

Higher Education Minister, Dr. Ibrahim Hassan
The Higher Education Minister, Dr. Ibrahim Hassan. | Photo: Mihaaru

Malé, Maldives — The Higher Education Minister of Maldives, Dr. Ibrahim Hassan said that he will find a solution for the students who are facing difficulties in the Flying School operating in the southernmost atoll of Maldives.

The statement from the Minister comes after locals filled up social media with complaints after reading an extensive report written by a local news website, “AdduLive”. The report highlighted the issues in the Flying School of Addu City along with the difficulties faced by the students of the school.

The MP of Addu Meedhoo, Rozaina Adam has also informed the locals regarding the issues of Flying School, where she informed that she has spoken and discussed all information about the Flying School with the Higher Education Minister. Along with a tweet that showed the response of the minister, Rozaina mentioned that he has assured to find a solution for the issues faced by the students of the Flying School.

The ministers response to the issues shared states that he is working hard to find solutions for all of the difficulties students are facing in the Flying School. In an attempt to do so, he mentioned that he had also contacted the Civil Aviation Authority to look into the matters of the Flying School.

“The concerns of students have been discussed with the school several times, and have also requested to find solutions for it. The last time we met with the Flying School was on August 27. During the meeting, the authorities of the school mentioned that due to a request of the former government, the school had taken more students than the available occupation. However, they mentioned that it wouldn’t be a difficulty in completing any student’s course,” the minister stated.

“However, since several doubts are being raised due to the complaints we have recently received, we have requested the school to send documents regarding the matter.”

The minister further revealed that they have still not received any response for the requested documents, therefore he communicated with the school the previous week and had given another chance to the Flying School to present the necessary documents. However, he mentioned that they have yet not received any documents, creating an obstacle against finding the solution for the problems.

Despite this, the minister mentioned that they have discussed the matters with those in concern, and he assured that a quick solution will be found soon regarding the matter.