MHPU requests Parliament to probe into MP Ikram attacking Covid-19 front liner

MP Ikram Hassan of Dhiggaru constituency | Photo: Majlis

Male’, Maldives – Maldives Health Professional’s Union (MHPU) has requested the Parliament of Maldives to look into the matter of MP Ikram Hassan of Dhiggaru constituency attacking a front line worker who was collecting samples.

The Union’s letter stated that MP Ikram attacked the front liner twice – once on the hand and the second time on the face shield – while saying that he has the right to hit if he gets hurt. He is also claimed to have said that he would hit again.

It was also stressed that the work of the front liners is much beyond the wages that they receive and that every front liner goes out, after leaving their family and loved once behind simply because it is their duty towards the people and the nation to save the country from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Citing that MP Ikram used violence and attacked the front liner as well as used his position to intimidate the front liner, MHPU requested the Parliament’s Committee on Member’s Privileges and Ethics to investigate the acts of MP Ikram.

However, MP Ikram said that he only brushed off the front liner’s hand when he felt pain from the sample collecting instrument, and that if cameras were there, it could have been seen clearly.

In response, a statement by Health Protection Agency (HPA) read that the work of the health workers and front line workers on the Covid-19 response team work with kindness and as per the set regulations. The statement also read that the safety of volunteers and health care providers would always been ensured and that the cooperation of the public is required for this.