MP Ikram apologizes to frontline worker he attacked

MP Ikram Hassan apologizing to the frontline worker he attacked | Photo: Twitter

Male’, Maldives – MP Ikram Hassan of Dhiggaru constituency, who recently came under fire for attacking a frontline worker who was collected a sample from him, has apologized to the victim.

In a tweet he sent out on Monday evening, Ikram said that he has met with the frontline worker – who he identified as Shifana – and her mother. He revealed that he has apologized to Shifana and that he seeks forgiveness from the entire Health Emergency Operation Center (HEOC) Rapid Response Team (RRT).

While he has apologized since the attack, Ikram’s initial response to the attack claims were that he did not use violence or attack the frontline worker, but that he simply brushed her arm away as the sample collecting instrument caused him pain.

Prior to his apology, citing that MP Ikram used violence and attacked the front liner as well as used his position to intimidate the front liner, Maldives Health Professionals Union (MPHU) requested the Parliament’s Committee on Member’s Privileges and Ethics to investigate the acts of MP Ikram.

In response to the attack, a statement by Health Protection Agency (HPA) was also released, which read that the work of the health workers and front line workers on the Covid-19 response team work with kindness and as per the set regulations. The statement also read that the safety of volunteers and health care providers would always been ensured and that the cooperation of the public is required for this.