EPA to get Indian assistance over mangrove die-off

Mangrove of HDH. Neykurendhoo. | Photo: Council

Male’, Maldives – Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has decided to get Indian assistance to research why the mangroves are dying around the Maldives.

According to EPA, this matter was discussed with Cochin University of Science and Technology over a meeting held online.

The university will collaborate with EPA to carry out two tests called PCR and DNA Sequence Analysis to check if any plant pathogens or pests are present in the mangroves.

EPA went on to thank the High Commission of India for the help they gave to carry out this research.

The issue of mangroves dying off was first reported in HA. Kelaa and HDH. Neykurendhoo. And now it has become an issue in most parts of the Maldives. The Maldives has a total of 15 different types of mangroves. 15th one being one of very rare species of mangroves known as Bruguiera hainesii which is among the two critically endangered mangrove species.