Promises to empower EPA must be fulfilled: MP Waheed

Mohamed Waheed
The MP of Ungoofaaru, Mohamed Waheed. | Photo: Majilis.

Malé, Maldives – MP of Ungoofaaru Constituency Mohamed Waheed said that the current administration must fulfill their promises to empower Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and make it an independent agency.

Tweeting on the occasion of World Environment Day, MP Waheed stated that in order to protect the delicate environment in Maldives, the government must fulfill their promises to empower the EPA.

MP Waheed said that it has already been delayed far too long.

The manifesto of the current government coalition stated that the Environmental Protection Agency will be made an independent agency and that that amendment to the environmental law will be changed. It also stated that the responsibilities which were previously taken from EPA and brought under the Tourism Ministry and other authorities will be returned back to EPA making it an independent agency.