Minister Shahid attends Foreign Ministers meeting of Commonwealth

Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdulla Shahid | Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Male’, Maldives – Foreign Minister Abdullah Shahid has attended the Foreign Ministers meeting of commonwealth, held on Wednesday afternoon.

Speaking at the meeting which was chaired by Foreign Minister of England, Dominic Raab, Minister Shahid thanked the Secretary General and the member countries of commonwealth for their support and assistance in the efforts carried out by Maldives to rejoin the commonwealth and said that commonwealth is an association that heeds to and helps to raise the voice of small countries such as Maldives.

Further speaking, the Minister said that revisions need to be brought to the vulnerability index of commonwealth due to Covid-19 and that he hopes to see revisions brought to this index with the consideration of losses to small countries due to Covid-19 as well as climate change, as soon as possible.

In addition to this, Minister Shahid said that the losses due to Covid-19 are much more severe in countries with a middle class income and that a path needs to found to provide sufficient financial help to such countries. Furthermore more, it was highlighted that need for the establishment of a Disaster Risk Finance Portal. He also mentioned the efforts done to involve the member countries of commonwealth in the International Financial Market.

To conclude, Minister said that Maldives would be doing many projects im association with commonwealth in the near future. This is the first meeting of commonwealth for Maldives to take part in after rejoining. Maldives rejoined commonwealth on February 1st 2020.