Zakat Fund scholarships open for students with financial difficulties

Graduates of Villa College 2018 | Photo: Mihaaru

Male’, Maldives – The Ministry of Islamic Affairs of Maldives has announced that scholarship opportunities have been opened up for students who are facing financial difficulties in completing their tertiary level education.

According to the Ministry, students who are unable to continue with their tertiary education due to financial constraints, students who have had to stop studies mid way, and students who are unable to graduate, are eligible for the financial assistance under  the “policy for provision of scholarships and specials assistance for tertiary education from Zakat Fund”.

Applications have been opened from 15th October onwards, until 15th November, for those who fit in the following criteria;

  • Be a Maldivian citizen
  • Be studying a course approved by Islamic Shari’ah
  • Be eligible for Zakat due to financial constraints
  • Be studying a course between level 5 (five) and level 10 (ten) as approved by  Maldives Qualification Authority
  • Be facing financial difficulty due to an external factor beyond the hands of the student, posing challenges in completing education.

The decision was welcomed by the Minister of Higher Education of Maldives, Dr. Ibrahim Hassan, who thanked the Islamic Minister Ahmed Zahir Ali for the decision, as it came at the behest of the Ministry of Higher Education following multiple complaints by students who are facing financial difficulties due to various reasons including that of Covid-19, posing a threat to their higher education.

The Islamic Ministry instructed students who wish to apply for the financial assistance to submit application to the ministry’s counter, or email to Application forms will be made available from the counter of the Ministry between 09:00 to 13:30 of every working day, and also available at, the Ministry revealed.