Imports in September decreased by 50 percent

Photo: Maldives Ports Limited

Male’, Maldives – The Cost, insurance, and freight (CIF) value of goods imported this September has decreased by 50 percent of that compared to September of 2019.

This was revealed by Maldives Customs Service via the  monthly statistics shared, which showed a percentage decrease in the imports as well as the decrease in income received by the government.

Customs said that during September of 2019, Maldives imported goods worth MVR 3.8 billion whereas the value of the goods imported this September has decreased to MVR 1.9 billion. The total income received to the government has also decreased by 59 percent last September compared to September of 2019, while a total income of 19 million was received this September compared to the MVR 292 million received last year September.

The most number of goods were imported from China, India and Singapore this September. This includes goods worth MVR3.5 million from China, MVR 275 million from India as well as MVR 217 from Singapore.