Nordwind Airlines to start flights to Maldives

A flight of the Norwind Airline fleet | Photo: Russian Aviation Insider

Male’, Maldives – Russian leisure airline Nordwind Airlines has announced plans to commence flights to Maldives on the 28th of October.

Managing Director of Inner Maldives, Mohamed Firaq revealed this, saying that the flights of this airline which will be flying directly from Russia to Maldives with two scheduled flights per week.

After reopening of the Maldivian borders on July 15th, only one airline of Russia commenced their flights to Maldives which is the Russian flag carrier, Aeroflot. The airline commenced their flights to the island destination on 11th September. Aeroflot has recently increased their flights to Maldives from 2 flights per week to 4 flights per week.

The flights of Nordwind Airline coming directly from Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow to Velana International Airport (VIA) is currently scheduled for Thursdays and Saturdays. The flights returning back to Russia from Male’ are to be on Fridays and Sundays.

According to the guidelines of tourist arrivals, all visitors would be subjected to symptom checks including fever and any symptomatic individual must undergo testing, of which the cost must be borne by the tourist. Any symptomatic individual traveling with a group, will result in the entire group being tested. While some tourists may also be subject to random testing, this cost will be borne by the state. All treatment for Covid-19 will also be done at the cost of Maldives.

Although there are several cases of Covid-19 in the country within the tourist resort, Maldives has been working hard to to become a tourist-safe zone, having have earned the title by World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) on the 15th of September. Multiple resorts have since opened up with safety measures in place, to provide the ultimate vacation experience in the paradise on Earth they call home. In addition to this, several guesthouses in local islands of the Maldives also reopened their doors to welcome tourists on Thursday.