Scholarships offered for students to study at Al-Azhar University

Al Azhar University | Photo: Islamic Landmarks

Male’, Maldives – The Ministry of Higher Education of Maldives has announced the opportunity to apply for scholarships to study at the Al-Azhar University, based in Cairo, Egypt.

According to the circular released by the Ministry, there are eight slots for students who are interested in attaining a Bachelors Degree in the fields related to Scientific Studies, Qur’an and Arabic studies.

Conditions required to apply for the scholarships include, being below the age of 25 and having have passed in “Shahaadha Saanaviyya.” Those who completed the Shahaadha Saanaviyya at Arabiyya School are required to have a pass above 65 points. The conditions also state that those who have previously studied under an Egyptian granted scholarship, or have already been nominated for another scholarship or the loan scheme would not be eligible for this opportunity.

While this is so, students who are selected for the scholarship would only be receiving the tuition fees of their studies, while other expenses would have to be covered by students themselves.

The circular goes on to state that those selected for the scholarship will have to sit in an Arabic test, in which, if the student fail, a period of one year would be given to study the language. Students interested to apply for the scholarship can apply through prior to 13:30 of 22nd October.