MDP will win the council elections: Nasheed

Nasheed speaking at the Parliament | Photo: Majlis

Male’, Maldives – Former President and Speaker of the Parliament of Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed said that MDP will be able to win the coming council elections.

Speaking at the 171st national council meeting of MDP, Nasheed said that even though MDP is fully prepared for the elections and have full support from the National Council, the coming council elections will prove to be a big challenge for MDP.

Nasheed further said that any election that is to be held in the middle of a presidency will prove to be a huge challenge and that such an election would not be easy to succeed. Further speaking, Nasheed said that even with all the challenges, MDP will be able to win the coming elections with the support from the National Council.

In addition to speaking about the elections, Nasheed also talked about the loss in economy incurred due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. He said that the coming days will prove to be difficult for the government due to the economical challenges and that the government will do their best to provide the best for the citizens.