VP inaugurates mental health services at Gagan Clinic by NDA

Vice President of Maldives Faisal Naseem speaking at the NDA reception

Male’, Maldives – Vice President Faisal Naseem has officially inaugurated mental health services by the National Drug Agency (NDA) at Gagan Clinic.

The reception was held on Tuesday morning at NDA, where the Vice President spoke stating that the Government strives to utilize youth and create opportunities for them within the society. He further stated that the Strategic Action Plan (SAP) designates high priority towards rehabilitative programs for the youth so as to cultivate a productive society free of drug abuse.

Speaking further on, he added that despite the introduction of numerous rehabilitative programmes, successful treatment can only be achieved through perseverance. Vice President Faisal Naseem strongly urged to remain committed to supporting all efforts in eliminating and reducing substance abuse in the country.

Mental health services was launched at Gagan Clinic with the objective to assist victims of narcotics abuse and to provide psychological trauma support to improve their mental wellness.