Art exhibition ‘Unveiling Vision’ to start on Friday

Artwork from Unveiling Visions 2019 | photo: Fine Art Maldives

Male’, Maldives – This year’s exhibit of the annual art event ‘Unveiling Visions’ organised by Maldives Art Community (MAC) is to start this Friday.

‘Unveiling Visions’ is an annual event that began three years ago which showcases the talent of young Maldivian artists. This event has been receiving a lot of support from the public as well. The exhibition for 2020 is to be held at the National Art Gallery in association with National Centre for Arts and Youth Ministry.

According to Maldives Art Community, this year’s event specialised for contemporary art is to start this Friday and will continue until Thursday of the coming week. The exhibition will be open for public from 10:00 am in the morning to 22:00 hrs at night.

Events such as live art events held in order to showcase the talent of young and up coming artists as well events specialised for kids have been held in the exhibitions of the past year. These events are expected to be seen from this years event as well.