Maldivian guesthouses to be re-branded as boutique hotels 

Pebbles Inn, Addu City | Photo: Pebbles Inn

Male’, Maldives – Tourism Minister of Maldives, Dr. Abdulla Mausoom has announced that the ministry had decided to re-brand the guesthouses in Maldives as boutique hotels.

While speaking on “Raajje Miadhu” program of PSM, Minister Dr. Mausoom said that most of the guesthouses in Maldives have been developed quite well in terms of design and the best fitting name for these places would be boutique hotels. He said that this would prevent the tourists from getting confused and would help the business to promote better as well.

He also added that even though the current guesthouses would be re-branded as boutique hotels, guesthouses which would be operated more on a home-stay concept would still be there in the islands.

Minister Dr. Mausoom also highlighted that some people are afraid that business might go down if there were too many hotels in the same island. Minister pointed out that this was not something to be worried about and that having more hotels and guesthouses being developed in an island would only add more benefits to the people of that island.

Minister also revealed that the government plans to promote each island based on the history and uniqueness of each island and that this would help to document the history of the islands as well. He also said that this would help the concept of “destinations within a destination” and that this is being marketed even now.

Maldives has a total of 530 registered guesthouses with a total of 8,789 beds according to the statistics released by the Ministry. Guesthouses were allowed to open on October 15 since the national borders of Maldives were closed in March of this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak. Maldives has welcomed a total of of 27,217 tourists during the first three months since the borders reopened.