Promotion budget for Maldives will not be lowered: Minister Mausoom

  • USD 10 million passed for national promotional budget 2020
The country’s branding ‘Maldives…the sunny side of life’ | Photo: MMPRC

Male’, Maldives – Minister of Tourism, Dr. Abdulla Mausoom has told that the promotional budget for Maldives would not be reduced in 2021.

He stated this in an interview he gave to local media outlet “Avas” and told that even with the huge impact on the economy, the finance minister had told that the budget for the current year would not be lower than the previous year and also the 2021 budget would not be cut down.

He had said that the importance of marketing is more than ever since the Covid-9 pandemic had crippled the tourism sector and that he hopes that the budget for marketing gets approved by the parliament as submitted.

He also told that a major focus would be given to the local tourism sector such as guesthouses and boutique hotels. Minister told that even though there are a lot of guesthouses, it would not impact the marketing efforts of the government and that all tourism products of the Maldives needs to be promoted as a whole. He added that surf points and other small tourism related businesses would also be included in the promotions.

Minister also highlighted that the government would be working hand-in-hand with the tourism industry and the that the tourism industry and the marketing could never be separated. He told that while the industry spends millions of dollars in promotion, this would promote the Maldives as well. He also added that different parts of the country will be promoted with the help of resorts in those areas.

The parliament had approved a total of USD 10 million for this years promotional budget for the country. MMPRC had been handed over the budget but many parties from the tourism industry have raised their concerns stating that sufficient work was not being done by MMPRC specially amidst the Covid-19 pandamic as Maldives needs to be made as a trusted destination post Covid-19 for travelers.