JUST IN: Four students of Addu flying school terminated!

Aircrafts of Addu flying school | Photo: Edition.mv

Addu, City, Maldives – Asian Academy of Aeronautics (AAA) has, today, terminated four local students who were stying at the school.

According to the official Facebook page of AAA, so far, four students who were acquiring their Commercial Pilot License (CPL) have been terminated.

‘The Times of Addu’ has confirmed from the Student Union that all four students received four different reasons via the official email address of AAA, as to why they were terminated, including that being “lack of commitment”, and “exceeding the duration of the course”.

AAA was not available for an immediate comment, however, the Ministry of Higher Education of Maldives (MOHE) confirmed that the AAA did not communicate with the Ministry prior to terminating the students. The Ministry also highlighted that no official complaint has been filed with the Ministry on behalf of the students, stating that it could be likely due to the termination having have taken place during a weekend.

It is also noteworthy that this comes as the Ministry of Higher Education announced that action would be taken against the Academy for negligence in improving the studying conditions of the students highlighted in the 2019 audit by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Maldives, even by October 2020.

The Ministry’s action was after a social media outburst and multiple complaints against AAA filed with the Ministry due to the favoritism against local students over foreign students as well as violation of student rights such as charging higher fees that that was agreed upon and extending the duration of the course.

Among the actions taken against the Academy was notifying the management that it should formulate individual education plans for all 96 students studying under the loan scheme of the Ministry as well as all other Maldivian students who are self funded, which is to be submitted to the Ministry, to be followed after getting an approval from the Ministry. However, the termination of students is in clear violation of this notice, as the Ministry has confirmed that AAA has not communicated with the Ministry with regards to the matter.

The social media campaign to voice out against AAA was lead by the Student Union of AAA, after a group of students signed and sent a letter to the management of the Academy demanding remedies to their issues and explanations as to why no action was being taken to resolve the issues faced by the students, which prompted a response by the management not giving a satisfactory response.

‘The Times of Addu’ has confirmed from the Student Union of AAA that all four students who have been terminated were among the group of students who signed the initial letter sent to the management.