Groupers cultured in Mahibadhoo to be shipped to Amsterdam

Installation of cages for the farming of Groupers | Photo: Fenfushi Mariculture Island

ADh. Mahibadhoo, Maldives – The first batch of Groupers locally cultured in Mahibadhoo island by ‘Fenfushi Mariculture Island’ is ready to be exported to Amsterdam, Netherlands to be put up for auction.

The first pilot programme of Grouper farming started in January this year, in Mahibadhoo. The is implemented to experience farming groupers in sea cages with the involvement of citizens for the purpose of developing the maritime industry of Maldives and improving the economy in addition to increasing local job opportunities.

The first batch of Groupers cultured under the project is now ready to be exported to Amsterdam and it has been decided to further develop the project to the whole atoll.

Fisheries Minister Zaha Waheed tweeted that she is pleased to see the deployment of cages and that the first batch of suctioned groupers is ready to be transferred to Amsterdam. In addition to this she wished success in marketing the Groupers and said that she looks forward to seeing more shipments.

ADh. Fenfushi has also installed 8 cages for the farming of Groupers under this project. They said they preparations are being made for the exportation of the first batch of cultured Groupers to take place next month.