Addu has great potential for tourism: Minister Mausoom

Aerial view of Addu City | Photo: Coral Glass

Male, Maldives – The second most populous area and located at the southern most tip of the country, Addu City has a lot of potential for tourism, says Minister of Tourism of Maldives Abdullah Mausoom.

The Minister said this in a tweet he sent out describing the city as one having biodiversity, land, sea and an enterprising population in which there are creative and talented youth. In the tweet, the Minister also highlighted that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has a vision to tap this potential.

However, as two resorts of Addu City currently remain closed, all other tourist facilities – including a third resort of the city, the city hotel and guesthouses – still await the day they get to welcome the first tourists in to the city since the border closure in March, despite the country having have opened up borders on the 15th of July.

As per the latest updates on the website of Tourism Ministry, only two tourist facilities have been approved for opening in Addu, which are Equator Village and South Palm Resort. However, with no international flights flying into Gan International Airport, or domestic flights carrying tourists to the city, the locals continue their wait to show the warm hospitality, sights and stories they have to offer.