Changes in quota regulations for expats

Expatriates wait for a chance at registration at the National Football Stadium in capital city Male' | Photo: Mihaaru

Male’, Maldives – The Economic Ministry of Maldives has brought changes the regulation on granting quota given to companies employing expatriate workers.

According to a circular released by the Economic Ministry to apply for quota, companies can now present work site declaration form notarized by a public notary, instead of submitting a document detailing the work site. It also stated that the form can also be presented without notarization if registered through a Civil Court or a Magistrate Court.

In addition to this, the Economic Ministry also  revealed that quota for expats and work permits will be issued only to parties registered under the job center portal.

Further, the Ministry also went on to say that even though job providers might have to face difficulties, this will be carried out with the inclusion of all stakeholders and that this is being implemented for the benefit of the economy, while highlighting that the difficulties faced by some maybe deemed an ease by others and hence it would be subjective. It was also emphasized that the quota would only be granted if locals are not available for the required work.