Higher education loans to have set quota for individual atolls

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih giving the presidential address to the nation on the first parliamentary sitting of 2021 | Photo: Presidents Office

Male’, Maldives — The President of Maldives, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has informed that the government has decided to give out a set number of slots for higher education loans to the islands.

The statement from President Solih comes at a time where a lot of citizens have been raising concerns about the difficulty in getting higher education student loans.

This time, we will be allocating a number of slots for individual atolls and have set quotas for specific courses.

President Solih

On February 11, the Ministry of Higher Education of Maldives (MOHE) opened opportunities to give loans for the students who wish to get higher education abroad and in the Maldives.

The Ministry informed that there are a total 770 spots available for students to obtain a higher education loan, of which 299 spots are for the students who are beginning their education and the remaining 471 spots are for the students who are currently continuing their education.

Ministry instructed the students who are interested in applying for the higher education loans to apply the form via https://myedu.egov.mv before March 4th of 2021. The Higher Education Ministry advised all students to be aware of the checklists included in applying the form.