First lady denies corruption allegations over Adi Park project

First Lady Fazna
First Lady of Maldives, Fazna Ahmed. | Photo: President’s Office

RttMalé, Maldives — The wife of the President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, Fazna Ahmed denies of the corruption allegations on her over the Adi Park project.

A statement released from the Litigents law firm revealed that the online news outlet named “Maldives News Network” claims that plants for the Lonuziyaarai park -currently being built by the city council of Malé- are being bought from a company of First Lady Fazna.

However, the law firm stated that this is incorrect information and that they will be taking legal actions against such acts.

The law firm further states that it is the responsibility of the journalist to reveal information about the company, if there actually is any such company by the name of First Lady Fazna. However, they stated that since no valid information was revealed by the news, it shows the quality of the news and the journalist who wrote it. The firm further requested the news outlet to reveal the name of that company owned by First Lady Fazna.

In addition to this, the news released by Online also states that First Lady Fazna had converted her money to Mauritian Rupee. However, the statement released by the law firm states that there was no clear information given on what money it was or from which business that money was gained from.

Therefore, the law firm stated that First Lady Fazna denies of any such corruption allegations and that appropriate actions will be taken against those who are spreading rumors about the First Lady.