Faskuri hijacking: Three released, five more arrested

Aerial view of L. Gan | Photo: Thottey Photography

L. Gan, Maldives – Five people have been arrested in connection with the terrorist attack that was carried out against the ‘Faskuri’ boat which was out catching bait fish during the early hours of Monday.

Maldives Police Service revealed that initially three people were arrested, who were released when summoned to the court, but that an additional five people, which account for a 21 year old, two 22 years olds, a 33 year old and 35 year old were arrested in connection to the crime. It was further revealed that all five are local men.

While Police are still investigating the matter, no further details have been divulged with regards to the case. However, the magistrate court of L. Gan has issued a temporary order for the Faskuri boat to be handed over to the original owner, after the individual filed a complaint with the court regarding an ownership dispute, where the buyer had not completed the payments and had violated the agreement made between both parties during the exchange.

News broke out about the hijacking when local media ‘adduLIVE’ got wind of the hijacking from one of the crew members who was aboard the Faskuri vessel when the hijacking took place. adduLIVE reported that the hijackers came onto the boat with knives and swords and demanded the boat be redirected to L. Gan.